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DIA continues cooperation with corporate partners

Following the organization’s traditions, DIA continues to work together with major companies.

News from our global partners

Open Society Foundations, Youth Service America and International Youth Foundation.

DIA’s National Youth Service Day 2012 (KöZöD!) Awards went to talented young social innovators

One of the four KöZöD! Awards went to Humana Magazin, a human rights magazin run by young volunteers (

Compulsory Youth Service in Hungarian Schools starting September 2012

While DIA has been advocating the importance of youth service since its creation in 1999, and reached out to hundreds of schools and thousands of students the idea beeing that young people should get at least one chance in secondary school to be involved in projects aiming at giving back to their local community, in December 2011, the government of Hungary made youth service compulsory for all secondary school students  obtaining a matriculation.

How to see the world in 3D: Dilemma, debate, democracy, debate education by DIA

In a country where the civic education of young people has been neglected for decades including the last 22 years, debate education is one of the neglected areas of public education.

How we shape our past (HWSOP), cooperation with Citizens of Europe

A team of young Hungarians participated in an exciting project of intercultural learning along with their German, Czech, and Lithuanian counterparts looking at various aspects of their common history: fascism and Stalinism.

A talented young American social entrepreneur at DIA: Amy Dingler

To read her reports on adventures of her gap year:

European Youth Service Day 2012

For the second time, DIA coordinated Global Youth Service Day (GYSD) efforts in 2012 in 10 countries of Europe including Hungary. Based on 6 years of succes with coordinating National Youth Service Day (KöZöD!) in Hungary, Youth Service America (YSA) commissionned DIA to assist GYSD operations in 10 other European countries.

Joining Instructions to HWSOP

For the participants of the Budapest Workshop - "How we shape our past" program:

How we Shape Our Past The Hungarian Example

What is ´How we Shape Our Past´ about?

The way we deal with history tells a lot about us.

Calling All Bloggers!

Become a Global Youth Service Day (GYSD) 2012 Blogger! We’re looking for service lovers to blog about their projects to feature on YSA’s (Youth Service America) blog. This is a chance to share why GYSD is important to you and to inspire others to get involved in the largest service event in the world. Share project ideas, planning process highlights, creative reflection activities, community impact, and more. Apply by 2/29 if you’re interested!

How to plan a project?

Quick guidelines for beginners II.


Let people know about your project. Put up posters, distribute flyers, include announcements in newsletters or blogs, personally invite people, or promote your project on Facebook and Twitter. Register your project on
Let the local media and public officials know about your project. Invite them to attend your project to cover it as a news story or to participate alongside youth volunteers. Ask them to help promote your project ahead of time or to recognize youth volunteers after your project.
Implement your project plan!

Nominate a Youth, Teen, or Young Adult!

Do you know any powerful or influential youth, teens, or young adults who are making lasting and substantial changes in their community? I encourage you to nominate a powerful and influential change-maker for "The YSA List!"

YSA is currently accepting nominations for its inaugural YSA List: The25 Most Powerful and Influential Young People, in celebration of its 25th Anniversary! The "YSA List" will recognize 25 young people (ages 5 to 25) around the world that are making real, large-scale change in five categories:

Workshop in Berlin

Foundation for Democratic Youth recruits participants for the first workshop of the “How we shape our past” program in Berlin

-four people will be chosen,
-you have to have good proficiency in English,
-serious interest in history.

The selection will be made in the order of application. The selected members only have to cover 30% of the expenses of the trip to and from Berlin.

What happened last year? IV.

Croatian Youth Network

On 21st of April, National Consultations on Regional Youth Mobility took place at the Human Rights House of Zagreb as an integral part of the project „Advocating the Regional Youth Mobility Fund”. The event gathered approximately 30 participants from different non-governmental organizations, primarily youth NGOs, and many participants from public institutions responsible for youth issues. The National Consultations were mainly focused on discussion over the past experiences of the mobility of youth within the region, and on the needs of young people connected to mobility. Furthermore, the Consultations aimed to articulate the inputs correlated to three important programme areas of the future fund: fields of mobility which should be mostly supported by the Fund; types of activities which should be in the focus of its work; and finally, target groups (within youth population) which should receive majority of financial allocation.

What happened last year? III.

Romania: New Horizons Foundation with 33 IMPACT community initiative youth clubs (out of which 30 are opened in schools)

The community service projects implemented by IMPACT clubs during GYSD 2011 covered a large area of interests and were based on the analysis the kids did in their communities to assess the local needs. Most of the projects were focused on children and youth, and the school environment. The IMPACT clubs addressed issues like: drug use among teens, violence awareness campaign, human traffic awareness campaign, environmental issues (awareness campaigns, cleaning activities), renovations of schools / kindergartens and outdoor spaces (parks), promoting healthy lifestyle in schools, cultural and artistic activities, intercultural Easter festival, promoting volunteerism, events for the elderly etc.

What happened last year? II.

The Vinspired story:

v achieved considerable success in promoting Global Youth Service Day, engaging approximately 40,000 young people aged 16 – 25 through integrated communications across traditional and social media.

v succeeded to focus on the promotion of micro-volunteering opportunities in England, enabling young people to respond to a range of flexible opportunities which could be carried out in small chunks of time, either online or in the real world.