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What happened last year? II.

The Vinspired story:

v achieved considerable success in promoting Global Youth Service Day, engaging approximately 40,000 young people aged 16 – 25 through integrated communications across traditional and social media.

v succeeded to focus on the promotion of micro-volunteering opportunities in England, enabling young people to respond to a range of flexible opportunities which could be carried out in small chunks of time, either online or in the real world.

Micro-volunteering opportunities broadly fall into three impact categories:

Helping charities and other worthy causes
Examples include:
Feed a starving person for free with a simple click of the mouse
Make a very seriously ill child smile with just a letter or an email
Microloan £10. Change a life. Get paid back. Reloan.
Knit a hat or other garment for homeless people

'Green' Actions' (Tackling environmental and energy issues)
Examples include:
Stop junk mail, save paper, save trees!
Plant a tree for free by using a search engine!
Reduce plastic bags. Distribute re-usable bags!
Help predict climate change with your pc!

Advocacy Actions (Highlighting injustices and wrongdoing)
Examples include:
Posters for Peace. Print them out. Put them up!
Act to end the use of animals in circuses!
Oppose the Arms Trade via non-violent action!
Reduce global warming. Join a Virtual March!
Boycott socially irresponsible companies!

Media Coverage
On 14th April, v invited Brooke Vincent, an 18 year old actress from one of the UK’s best known TV soaps (Coronation Street) to Carnaby Street in central London to carry out a GYSD Super-Hero stunt.

Accompanied by a group of young volunteers (all dressed in Super-Hero costumes of course!), Brook completed a number of micro-volunteering actions to demonstrate how easy it is to contribute small acts of kindness and make a difference.

Volunteers helped people with directions, distributed metro maps, gave out tissues, recharged mobile phones and a host of other mini-actions designed to surprise and delight shoppers in Carnaby Street.

As a result of this stunt, media coverage of Global Youth Service Day was extremely successful, with over 34 million Opportunities to See (OTS) the GYSD brand and messages across integrated media platforms.

Endorsement from public officials
v secured the support of Tim Loughton, Member of Parliament (MP) and Under-Secretary of State for Children & Families. Tim said:

„Global Youth Service Day is a unique opportunity for young people in England to be part of a global community of people that are doing something positive for their neighbourhoods. I’m proud that we are joining over 100 countries to support and celebrate young people taking action on 15-17 April.” Tim Loughton, Parliamentary Under Secretary of State for Children and Families

v did an amazing job in introducing Global Youth Ervice Day 2011 to young people in England.
Their traditional and social media reach has laid strong foundations for the Global Youth Service Day brand, and enabled them to engage large numbers of young people in micro-volunteering actions. Engaging a well-known celebrity with youth appeal was extremely helpful in amplifying the GYSD campaign and encouraging new young volunteers to participate in positive social action. They are excited about the potential to grow their relationship with GYSD and EYSD in 2012, and they feel they have learnt a great deal.