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What happened last year? III.

Romania: New Horizons Foundation with 33 IMPACT community initiative youth clubs (out of which 30 are opened in schools)

The community service projects implemented by IMPACT clubs during GYSD 2011 covered a large area of interests and were based on the analysis the kids did in their communities to assess the local needs. Most of the projects were focused on children and youth, and the school environment. The IMPACT clubs addressed issues like: drug use among teens, violence awareness campaign, human traffic awareness campaign, environmental issues (awareness campaigns, cleaning activities), renovations of schools / kindergartens and outdoor spaces (parks), promoting healthy lifestyle in schools, cultural and artistic activities, intercultural Easter festival, promoting volunteerism, events for the elderly etc.

 Five national media have reported about GYSD 2011 following the press releases distributed by New Horizons Foundation. Local media have reported about the local projects implemented by IMPACT clubs during GYSD 2011.

 New Horizons Foundation and the youth clubs did a really good job and were able to involve 672 young people!

They are joining for GYSD 2012 as well, so keep your eyes on them!