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DIA manages a variety of programs all aiming at developing youth democratic skills
through experiential learning opportunities offered by youth service activities. Read descriptions about each of them below.

National Youth Service Network Program (KöZöD!)

DIA’s National Youth Service Network Program (KöZöD!) offers a grant scheme,
professional support, campaign support and awareness, and regional meeting opportunities to
young people ages 14-25 who are eager to volunteer.

3D Program (Dilemma – Debate – Democracy)

DIA is committed to developing young people’s democratic skills through formal debating.
The 3D program (Dilemma – Debate – Democracy) is offering hands-on training
modules for teachers and youth workers in debating. The program focuses mainly on
young people who come from underprivileged backgrounds and neighborhoods.
Each year DIA also organizes a National Debate Tournament bringing together over
100 young debaters.

DIA also has a Structured Dialogue Program that is a branch off our 3D Program and focuses on bringing together youth at 9 different local communities to debate relevant issues of the European Union.

Youth Employment

Youth employment is a key issue these days and we are committed to running programs that
help disadvantaged youth become successful employees or entrepreneurs. DIA
has been managing programs like the Life and Employability Skills Program (LSE) and
the Motivation Club Program. These programs comprise of teacher training
modules, teaching materials, and on going mentoring for the participants.

School-based Youth Service Program

The School-based Youth Service Program is an effort to bring youth service into the
formal school system. Dozens of schools are joining the constantly growing network that encourages service learning in an academic environment. A survey is currently underway at the schools to evaluate the impact of a structured youth service program.

Other Projects

DIA is also working with professionals and decision-maker to make a wider impact on youth development and the education system. DIA’s experts have been part of various think-tanks working on the National Strategy on Global and Active Citizenship Education, and on the preparations for the European Year of Volunteering coming up in 2011.