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Who Are We?

Founded by Roger Landrum and Richard Harrill, DIA started its activities in 1999 in Hungary with the goal of making youth service well understood and widespread both within and outside the school system.

DIA is a leading NGO in the following areas:
  • Youth Service
  • Debating (European Structured Dialogue and National Youth Council)
  • Policy and strategy development in the areas of citizenship and global education

Mission Statement

We believe that modern and thriving democracies rely on the active participation of well-informed citizens. Therefore, our mission is to promote youth service on a national and international level.

Our Accomplishments

Over the past 15 years, DIA has reached out to:
  • More than 100, 000 young people aged 14-25
  • Hundreds of youth volunteer groups
  • Hundreds of teachers and youth workers
  • 350 local communities
  • Over 150 schools
  • 5 universities and teacher training colleges
DIA coordinated:
  • 6 National Youth Service Day (KöZöD! ÖFN) campaigns
  • Local awareness raising campaigns about social responsibility and democratic participation
  • Dozens of teacher training sessions in project management, formal debate, life development, employability, entrepreneurship, and citizenship skills
  • Training sessions for young activists on leadership and cooperation skills
  • International student exchange programs

DIA also played an active role in the writing of the National Strategy of Global and Citizenship Education in 2009-2010 and in the preparations of the government for the EU Presidency of Hungary focusing on Active Citizenship and the European Year of Volunteering in 2011.