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DEMO: a unique learning opportunity

We have some great news to share: 13 Hungarian NGO’s will be participating in a long-term cooperation (27 months) and ’learning from each other’ in an organizational development  and advocacy process brought to life by DIA.

Schools loud of debate

10 schools, 170 educators, 40 days of debate, 1200 students – the participants of the Have your say! Program. There will be no shortage of exciting debates in schools in the coming academic year.

DiN in Hungary – continues in September 2013!

“I’m angry with you.” – said one of the participants of our last DiN training session. “Since I started to attend your training, I don’t like others’ your’s being so good.” – Well, it’s quite rewarding to get such a feedback from one of the participants at the end of a debate method training. Isn’t it?