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DiN in Hungary – continues in September 2013!

“I’m angry with you.” – said one of the participants of our last DiN training session. “Since I started to attend your training, I don’t like others’ your’s being so good.” – Well, it’s quite rewarding to get such a feedback from one of the participants at the end of a debate method training. Isn’t it?

The first phase of the DiN Program in Hungary started with methodology trainings for teachers and youth workers organised by the Foundation for Democratic Youth ( in the Fall 2012, and in the Spring 2013 debate programs in 10 schools and local communities were held.
The process hasn’t come to an end yet since in September 2013 the already qualified debate trainers met for an intensive refresh training in order to share their knowledge and experiences in working with youths in community debate. Throughout the training the DiN trainers went more in depth as to their  debate teaching methods. Among other things, they learnt how to avoid the classic mistakes when planning activities and got familiar with the basics and the challenges of organising public debate events.
This infographic shows the results of the DiN program in Hungary for the period of September 2012 and September 2013