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What happened last year? IV.

Croatian Youth Network

On 21st of April, National Consultations on Regional Youth Mobility took place at the Human Rights House of Zagreb as an integral part of the project „Advocating the Regional Youth Mobility Fund”. The event gathered approximately 30 participants from different non-governmental organizations, primarily youth NGOs, and many participants from public institutions responsible for youth issues. The National Consultations were mainly focused on discussion over the past experiences of the mobility of youth within the region, and on the needs of young people connected to mobility. Furthermore, the Consultations aimed to articulate the inputs correlated to three important programme areas of the future fund: fields of mobility which should be mostly supported by the Fund; types of activities which should be in the focus of its work; and finally, target groups (within youth population) which should receive majority of financial allocation.

 Even though the event wasn’t widely covered by media representatives, many representatives of relevant public institutions joined the event to discuss over the issues connected to youth mobility in the region. The representatives from the following institutions were present: Ministry of Family, War Veterands, and Intergenerational Solidarity; Ministry of Foreign Affairs and European Integrations; Ministry of Science, Education and Sports; Agency for Mobility and EU Programmes; Department for Youth of the City of Zagreb; Student Assembly of the University of Split; etc.

 This year Coratian Youth Network may join the event again. We are really looking forward to see their great ideas again!