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Workshop in Berlin

Foundation for Democratic Youth recruits participants for the first workshop of the “How we shape our past” program in Berlin

-four people will be chosen,
-you have to have good proficiency in English,
-serious interest in history.

The selection will be made in the order of application. The selected members only have to cover 30% of the expenses of the trip to and from Berlin.

Call for Participation
How we Shape Our Past 
The German Example 
Workshop 1, Berlin (February 02 – 05 2012)

What is ´How we Shape Our Past´ about? 

The way we deal with history tells a lot about us. By deciding which aspects to stress and which to forget, by connecting different events and interpreting them, and by contrasting us with ‚others’ and their development, we define who we are – and who we would like to be. The way we approach it determines, who we will become. In the last century, Europe has experienced both the facist and the stalinist ideology and the complex systems and societies which enabled them and were shaped by them. Their existence affected all of us. Their experience is a fundamental aspect of the conditions under which democracy in Europe has been and will be shaped in Europe. For our project, we decided to analyse the way we deal with history at different locations which had very different experience – and react to the past by very different policies until today. We will compare and contrast the way in which we chose to remember the darker periods of their histories and the conclusions we reach.

 Citizens of Europe will realise a series of events and activities dealing with how our past shapes us and how we shape our past in the following locations.

Workshop 1, Berlin, 2 – 5 February 2012 
Berlin Workshop 1: The German Example 

Starting with Germany, the Workshop in Berlin aims to explore ´The German Example´ This will include:

  • Visiting and analysing historical sites and monuments in Berlin. 
  • Discussing the historiography of the Fascist and Stalinist periods with experts in the field. 
  • Interviewing members of the general public about their thoughts a memories of this era. 
  • Documenting findings and observations made in Berlin. 
  • Developing a framework of how to approach the future workshops in Prague, Budapest and Vilnius. 

Your Host : Citizens of Europe 

Citizens of Europe is a politically independent, non-governmental and non-profit oriented network of people from diverse cultural and educational backgrounds who realise projects that go beyond national boundaries. Citizens of Europe is open to everybody who sees diversity as an opportunity. We initiate, support and coordinate a wide range of projects, offer a pool of expertise, information and contacts regarding matters of European concern, and provide our members’ experience in NGO project management to ensure high standards in any activity we support. We want to help overcome the lack of coordinated independent civil action in Europe, but many local initiatives in Europe could profit from sharing contacts, infrastructure and experience.

Read more about us here!

Whom would we like to meet in Berlin? 

Everyone who is interested in these two histrories and actively want to participate in a debate around these wide reaching topics. All opinions are valuable and will be considered. Academic and professional backgrounds are relevant for us only to the extent that they allow for interesting contributions to the debate.

We are willing to meet participants coming from the public and private sector, the academic community, civil society, arts, etc. Involving people with a variety of personal backgrounds will contribute to a lively debate with substantial results. We are particularly interested in people and organisations interested in contributing towards the program.

What are the conditions for participating? 

On request, we will refund travel tickets (max 70 %, max. 125 EUR).

What do you need to do in order to apply? 

If you are interested let me know at, I’ll let you know the further details.