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How to plan a project?

Quick guidelines for beginners II.


Let people know about your project. Put up posters, distribute flyers, include announcements in newsletters or blogs, personally invite people, or promote your project on Facebook and Twitter. Register your project on
Let the local media and public officials know about your project. Invite them to attend your project to cover it as a news story or to participate alongside youth volunteers. Ask them to help promote your project ahead of time or to recognize youth volunteers after your project.
Implement your project plan!
Make sure the project leaders are ready to make sure everyone knows where to go and what to do and are ready to answer lots of questions during the project.
Manage and recognize volunteers. Greet volunteers, provide orientation and training, and supervise throughout the project. Be sure to thank volunteers for helping before, during, and after the project.
Document your action by taking photos or videos. Try to remember as many details as possible so you can share with others after the project. Survey volunteers to gather information about who participated and what they thought about the project.


Provide an opportunity for reflection for all project volunteers and for the project leaders. Reflection helps you analyze and understand the difference you are making, and what you are learning along the way.
Share what you have done and what you have learned from the experience by teaching others about the issue and how they can help. Create a video, play, story, or report for the community, present your results at a public event, write letters to public officials, distribute a press release, or send out a newsletter to parents, peers, and community members.


Recognize and celebrate volunteers, partners, and special guests.
Evaluate your project, comparing to your baseline data to identify what changed because of your project. Share your impact with YSA by completing the GYSD report form to make sure your project is included in our annual GYSD Final Report.
Review the outcomes of your project and to assess what worked, what you might do differently next time, and to determine potential next steps. Determine what more you can accomplish and how you can sustain your project. Be sure to also seek feedback from the community you have served.

Register your project as soon as possible! First send me an e-mail about your plans and ideas to the regional coordinator: From January of 2012 you will be able to register your projects on (from