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How we shape our past (HWSOP), cooperation with Citizens of Europe

A team of young Hungarians participated in an exciting project of intercultural learning along with their German, Czech, and Lithuanian counterparts looking at various aspects of their common history: fascism and Stalinism.
Here is what the project was about:
The way we deal with history tells a lot about us. By deciding which aspects to stress and which ones to ignore, by connecting different events and interpreting them, and by contrasting us with ‚others’ and their development, we define who we are – and who we would like to be.
The way we approach it determines who we will become. In the last century, Europe has experienced both the fascist and the Stalinist ideology and the complex systems and societies which enabled them and were shaped by them. Their existence affected all of us. Their experience is a fundamental aspect of the conditions under which democracy in Europe has been and will be shaped in Europe. For our project, we decided to analyse the way we deal with history at different locations which had very different experience – and react to the past by very different policies until today.

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