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What is EYSD?

The Foundation for Democratic Youth (DIA) and Youth Service America (YSA) launch European  Youth Service Day 2012!

EYSD is the European version of Global Youth Service Day (GYSD) whos aim is to provide the opportunity for organisaions across Europe to build new relations, find new solutions and activate the European youth.

On EYSD, children and youth, in partnership with families, schools, community/faith-based organizations, businesses, and governments, will address the world’s most critical problems.

So why is EYSD good for you?

• It is the largest service event in the world, so your project is part of a global movement, a movement that includes young people around the world who are leading and participating in thousands of projects to address local, national, and global issues. You can widen you organization’s international scope and it is easier for you to get into other’s focus.

• EYSD is the only day of service focused on mobilizing and training youth as leaders who identify and address community needs through service and service-learning and educate the public, the media, and policymakers about the year-round contributions of young people as community leaders. Great way to strengthen your social capital in many fields.

• EYSD is an opportunity to recruit more volunteers, form new partnerships, secure additional funding, raise awareness of the issue or your work, celebrate your achievements, get help from dozens of different organizations, share various ideas, methods and the good spirit of being an active citizen.