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Global Youth Service Day in 2012

We proudly inform you that our organisation has been selected as the Regional Lead Agency for Western Europe by the Global Youth Service Day campaign. After the successful last year we got the opportunity again to connect the organisations and foundations in Europe which have the similar strong belief and commitment in voluntary actions.The Foundation for Democratic Youth and Youth Service America have launched the European Youth Service Day program (EYSD) in 2011 and now we would like to continue. Over the years, millions of youth have participated in Global Youth Service Day across the world, and together with the leadership of organizations such as yours, they undertake thousands of volunteer projects that benefit their communities. The celebration of Global Youth Service Day is focused on creating a significant level of attention and public awareness around the world for the positive contributions young people are making every day. The celebration is marked by service projects, which take place in communities across each of the participating countries. The mass number of young people participating, and the expansive network of collaborating organizations mobilize a great deal of awareness and media attention.