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Global Youth Service Day 2011 Summary

We are happy to report that this year’s GYSD was the biggest success in Hungarian GYSD history. We had 31000 registered volunteers who participated in 211 projects. These projects focused mostly on the following issues: environment protection and sustainability, healthy lifestyle, spring cleaning of parks, public places, playgrounds, inside/outside renovation of buildings, planting, gardening, visiting the elderly, children, and animal shelters.

All of these projects were designed and executed by young people, with special focus on the emotional and professional preparation for the volunteer work and the evaluation afterwards. On top of this, we organized a central event in Budapest, a running gala for visually impaired or otherwise disabled young people with 150 volunteers. The aim of this event was twofold, first, to organize a sports day for these young people who don’t often get the chance to do outside activities and second, to gather a lot of volunteers and give them an experience to work with people with disabilities, spend time with them, get to know them, and hopefully realize that there isn’t such a big difference between them at all. We had five celebrity guests on this event, one of them was Erika Miklosa, an international opera singer, who is also one of the Ambassadors of the European Year of Volunteering 2011. All in all we can say that the sixth GYSD in Hungary was a huge success with the highest number of projects and volunteers involved.

On the European level, we coordinated GYSD with the involvement of 10 country partners.

Croatia - Croatian Youth Network (YFJ member)
Estonia - Parnumaa Noorte Liit
France - AFEV
Germany - Ariel Foundation International
Ireland - Irish Youth Foundation
Latvia - ODIN/VITA
Moldova - NGO Certitude
Netherlands - Code-X
Romania - New Horizons Foundation
UK - Vinspired

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